Answering Questions About Dementia

Sheila Welch

What is Dementia?

What is dementia? Sheila Welch, Support Group Facilitator and Coordinator of the Dementia Ministry at Due West UMC, helps answer this question.

Dr. Robert Bowles

What does dementia mean to the person living with it?

A person living with dementia can answer that best. Robert Bowles, dementia educator, advocate and writer lives with Lewy Body Dementia and spends his life dispelling the stigma associated with dementia. Robert opens minds and hearts.

Meet Rick & Martha Perry

What does dementia mean to the family loving someone through this illness?

We call on experts to give us that perspective. Rick Perry and his family are loving his wife, Martha through Early Onset Alzheimer’s. Their story inspires us all to do more, to love better.

Sheila Welch

In what other ways might dementia affect a family?

Sheila Welch and her husband, Kim, have led a Dementia Ministry for nine years. Alzheimer’s has claimed her mother, four aunts and uncles, and a beloved cousin. Her family’s experiences and those shared by hundreds of care partners provide answers.